My new blog

So I created a new blog. I have had for so many years now, but I decided to create a blog where I write a lot more about social and political issues, especially surrounding South Sudan.

My Blogspot site will remain, but it will be a bit more personal/personalised and for strange ideas and opinions (which I still tend to have). So this blog which is still having some work done, is my ‘professional’ blog… kind of an online portfolio.

I will be sharing advice, my educational and leadership journey. I will be highlighting what I think is important with regards to South Sudan, and all other very serious stuff.

I hope to have this blog up and running very soon, and writing on a regular basis, rather than checking in every few months feeling guilty about not writing, and then promising to write, but not writing again for a few months.

I have had such a rich experience in my line of work and passion over the last number of years, I want to share it. I want to open up my thoughts about this personal transformation, and I want to inspire others to follow their own path, and find the best ways to communicate their line of thinking, and implementing their dreams for themselves and others. It’s a big task, but reflecting back on how far I have come, I am so sure I can do it.

One thought on “My new blog

  1. Congrat for the new blog, may your ideas inspire/mentor those in need, and may almighty give u ideas to solve life issues, all the best mate.


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