In Media: Interview for RFI on South Sudan’s new government

I recently did an interview for French public radio service, RFI. The interview was centred around the formation of the new Transitional-Government of National Unity (TGoNU) and women’s’ views and expectations.

A few days ago, the re-Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (R-RARCSS), came into effect; Dr Riek Machar came back as one of the 5 VPs and agreed to form the new government. The 32 states also became 10 states again. All of these events came as a surprise for me, and I am pretty sure, for many others too.

The interview was in English but my commentary was translated into French. The subject that was touched upon the most was women’s’ expectations and views on the formation of the new government and the peace agreement. In my view, I simply believe that women invested so much into the peace process because women and children tend to be the most affected by conflict. Women fought for a better inclusion of women in the government, increasing the 25% affirmative action rate to 35%. I added that many women are just waiting to see if the 35% will be respected, as the new cabinet has not yet been announced. A quote from the website translated into English:

”Women have been particularly affected by this conflict. This is why they have invested so much in the dialogue for peace, but also for justice, and for a better representation of women. The peace agreement stipulates that 35% of positions must go to women. And we hope that the various armed groups will remember this.”

Adhieu Majok

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