The Evacuation of South Sudanese from Sudan

This is a post, not about me specifically, but about an initiative I am a part of.

Sudan has unfortunately descended into war, leaving millions of people seeking refuge in neighbouring countries. Sudan hosts around 2 million South Sudanese, many of them in Khartoum, and having no means to be evacuated back to South Sudan.

Friend and colleague Akoch Manhiem, has created a Committee that is focused on the evacuation of South Sudanese from Sudan, to Renk, South Sudan. This project requires fundraising, in order for us to book trucks that will transport around 100 to 160 people back to South Sudan.

To donate to this initiative, we have a GoFundMe. For those in South Sudan, M-Gurush is available:

If you want to contact me directly, visit the contact page, and I will get back to you promptly.

For more on the initiative, the BBC covered it in a story here and Spanish media, El Pais, covered it here.

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